Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Summer is a comin'

Are you ready for summer?
Is your dog?

Made by De has lots of stuff to help your dog (and therefore you) have a great summer and beat the heat in style!

All my coats are made by me, custom, so they will fit! Check out my website,, for listings, diagrams, your perfect dog clothes!

Dog Cool coats

Dog Cool Collars

Dog Slinkies

Blingy Dog Cool Coats

And so much more! Check it out!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fall is around the corner. Let's celebrate with a sale!

Celebrate Fall
Made by De is having a sale!

Fall is around the corner.  Cooler weather will be here before we know it.  It will be getting dark earlier and earlier.  Just like every other year.  Seems like it is always an adjustment, even though we know it is coming.

To help you get ready for the change of seasons, I have decided to offer a sale on all my products. You can take advantage of my offer to get custom dog clothes, made with your dog in mind and designed to fit. On my website,, use coupon code FALL25 to receive 25% off on all orders of $20 or over.  This sale runs until 8/27/17 so don't wait too long to check it out!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dog Diapers; making an undesirable event a little better

Can we talk about
Dog Diapers?

I have been to a fair number of dog shows and sell all kinds of dog clothes at these shows. One of my more popular items is my dog britches (dog diapers, seasonal panties, etc.)  If you are not a regular attendee to AKC conformation shows, you may not know this, but the dogs have to be intact (not spayed/neutered) in order to show. This means that the girls will have their heat cycles periodically and there will be a potential mess to deal with.

Open Tail Design Panties
One of my more popular items

I watched dog after dog stiffen up or cringe when it came to stuffing their tails through the holes of the usual dog panties.  

Standard Dog Britches

I decided to try to improve on this much needed item of clothing by creating a dog diaper without the hole while still allowing for tails. This is a design I came up with for dogs with big tails.  They are designed without a set hole so that your dog doesn't have to have that tail stuffed through the diaper.

Turns out these dog britches are great for fitting all types of dogs because they adjust in so many places.  They can be worn with or without crossing  to accommodate straight builds or very tucked individuals.  They are also great for dogs without tails because the tail is not the method of anchoring. And since there is velcro adjustment for the straps, growing pups can wear them from their first cycle right on through adulthood.

To put them on, the straps are first wrapped around the waist.  Then the tail straps are pulled up on either side of the tail and attached to the velcro at the waist.  These britches are designed to sit in front of the hip bones so they can use anatomy to help keep them in place.

I use soft cotton fabrics, mostly flannel, to make these britches so they will stay nice and soft; not rubbing or chafing sensitive skin. For the same reason, I avoid elastic or waterproofing.  Instead, to collect the flow, a human pantiliner with stickum is placed in the appropriate area and can just be changed as needed.  Although my diapers are washable and reusable, using a pad means less frequent laundering.

Houdini Britches, For those dogs who are expert at escaping their diapers.  

I make each and every set of britches.  In addition to my open tail britches, I do make the standard britches as well as the Houdini britches. I have many sets premade for shows or fast turnaround, but I also make custom seasonal panties to suit any dog.  I can even make these in manly colors and dimensions for incontinent boys. 

Please take a look at my website,, to see current fabrics, measurement diagram and other pertinent info for ordering.  If your dog (and you) has to deal with heat cycles, at least it can be a little more comfortable and stylish.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why? Cool Coats for your Dogs.

Cool Coats for your Dogs;
They really do help.

Take a look at my tummy panel cool coat, made of synthetic chamois.  It has a velcro closure at neck and girth (buckle closure available if you'd rather) to make it super easy to put on.  The tummy panel provides extra cooling near the core of your pup where it is needed most.  And check out the ice pocket!  For really hot days or for dogs who overheat easily (pugs, Frenchies), ice can be placed in the pocket for quick cool down.

Cool coats for dogs have been pretty popular lately. If you take your pup to agility trials or dog shows you have probably seen them in use.  There are several types out there; each with their own benefits and drawbacks. 

1) Mine are made with synthetic chamois so they are machine washable. 
2) They do not have to be kept wet because they won't get brittle. 
3) Added benefit is that they don't get musty from being constantly wet. 
4) And they don't get super heavy.  
5) f you wring out the extra water, they don't get your dog wet either.

I make my chamois coats myself.  I have several ready made for shows, etc., but make most of them custom as they are ordered.  This way I can provide the best fit possible. And check out the colors!

I use synthetic chamois made of 100% rayon by the company that makes "Sham Wow!" (remember them?) but a grade heavier.  The great thing about this stuff is that it absorbs the water and cools for quite a while.  

This style velcros at the front with a band under the belly that velcros on both sides; allowing equal pull on each side for balance.  This one is the most adjustable for growing pups or for dogs who don't have accurate measurements handy.

Then there is the collar.  Same chamois fabric.  Velcros at the neck with an ice pocket.  And super quick on and off.  These work well alone or can be paired with a jacket for more cooling. They cool over those big carotid arteries to cool the entire body a bit.

Summer will be here before we know it.  You and your dog will have alot more fun if the heat isn't such a problem.  You can contact me through my website, or call me at 307-575-0133.  If you're on Etsy, my page is Madebyde and you can order that way.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Show Season is gearing up!

Get your pups ready for show season!
20% off your order!

Show season is upon us.  The first big show in our area, the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show, is set up a bit differently this year, so Made by De will not be attending.  I am still more than ready to fix you up with any of the custom grooming products your pups might need for a successful season. 

Whether you need cooling coats for combating the summer heat or chamois coats for smoothing topline, I can make what you need and ship it out quick!  You can arrive with your dogs to the showsite, ready to win.

Grooming suits

                                                                          And slinkies are all available for your grooming needs.  

And don't forget those functional cool coats for athletic events like agility or coursing.  Your pups will have fun and perform better if they are cool and energized.

You can contact me for questions or to place an order by

email -

phone - 307-575-0133

website -

Mention this post or use coupon code "20Percent" when you order and get 20% off, now through the end of May, 2017.  Good luck on the show road!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Still alot of winter left. Your dog will get cold!

Winter just started!

There are at least 3 months of cold left (maybe more).

Christmas is past.  We are starting a new year.  But it is still winter, by the calendar, until March 20th.

We're currently in a cold spell with temps well below zero all week, as well as snow.  Sera went out to play in her coat and was able to enjoy the snow for a bit, even with the frigid conditions.

The good part about Christmas being past is that the wait time for a new custom coat creation is much shorter than it was. You might want to consider ordering right away since everything is 20% off through the end of January.  Just place your order through my website,, and use coupon code "20Percent" to get your discount.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It is getting COLD!!!!! My Pre Black Friday sale is just in time to keep your pups warm!

Keep your pups warm!
My Pre Black Friday sale is going on RIGHT NOW!

Save 20% off of everything on my website

Use coupon code


to collect your savings

Dogs get cold.  Even though they have fur coats, some of those coats are not very thick. And unless you have a malamute or some breed that is equally as well prepared, subzero temps are just plain cold!

If they are shivering or hunched up like this girl, they are cold.

I have lots of options for keeping them warm, comfortable and.......


Even those hard to fit furkids.  I make each coat custom, just for your pup.  Give me your measurements, choose your options and I'll get it done.

Go to now through midnight on 11/24/16 and save.  They'll ship in plenty of time for Christmas (you know that is coming) and shipping is free in the U.S. or decreased worldwide!